Our aims

1. To relieve individuals from poverty
2. To transform the life of Tamil migrant community
3.Facilitating swift integration into the society and encouraging the members of the community to actively contribute to the British society
4. To represent the Tamil community collectively for their advancement.
5. To empower the Tamil community


1. To educate the community through media, publications and by campaigning to help them overcome their barriers in the integration process.
2. Provide information and legal advice to protect their rights and obtain their entitlements.
3. Advocating and offering legal casework to solve their difficulties to reside in this country as a law abiding citizen
4. To run specific activities to the targeted disadvantaged members in the community like asylum seekers, homeless, elders, children and single mothers for their betterment.
5. To make representation and campaigning for positive policy making in the British system.
6. Encouraging the members of the community to be economically active and become a contributing community in the British society by creating opportunities and bridging the gap between service providers and the hard to reach members of the community.
7. Advancement of the Tamil culture and language.
8. To prevent homelessness, starvation and lack of basic needs by providing practical support.
9. Guiding and supporting individuals with mental health issues and addiction and promoting the general health care in the community.