Practice Areas


Providing information and advice to the Tamil community in the UK
Providing information and advice to the Tamil community in the UK is the primary objective of the organisation. This project developed from strength to strength with the service delivery targeted towards the vulnerable individuals who are unable to obtain the free service from other providers like the Citizen Advice Bureau or Law Centres for various reasons. Clients are advised on a range of issues.


While most of our casework and representation relates to asylum and immigration matters, we cover a range of other social welfare areas too.
We also undertake work in welfare benefits, employment and asylum support. Tamil Welfare Association (Newham) UK is only able to serve Tamil language speaking clients.


Every Thursday elder members of the Tamil community meet at the Manor park community centre.
They are involved in various activities to enrich their health and well-being and to lead a better life. they are provided with lectures on a regular basis and involved in various activities to help them fight social isolation. Meeting with the members of the same community and age group provides them with chances to befriend others and escape from the loneliness they are faced to force in a foreign country.


Supplementary classes for English, Mathematics and Science..
These are conducted on a weekly basis in the office premises by qualified teachers. This aims to help Tamil children integrate faster into schools.


Fine arts classes are conducted for Tamil children.
Classes in Veena, Bharatnatyam, Mrithangam, Drums and Guitar, Violin, Singing and Dance are being conducted. They are being run by professionally qualified teachers.


Counselling and advice and promote reunion of broken families.

Services Offered

The organisation provides legal advice and representation for the Tamil speaking community in the UK free of cost.  On average around 15 people are visiting the office every day and we have 2 full time and 2 part time workers in place to deliver the service, along with the support of a number of volunteers. The range of services provided in legal advice and casework are outlined below. We aso support disadvantaged members of the community through programs like the day centre for senior citizens, supplementary education for refugee children, fine arts classes for young members in the community and a play project for the migrant Tamil children.

The services that are offered by TWAN can be classified into the two major groups:

Advice and legal case work

Immigration and Asylum (Only for Tamil language speaking clients)
Welfare benefits
Housing and accommodation
Consumer and debt advice
Crime prevention, victim support and Road traffic issues
Family issues
Primary health care and counselling

Other services

Day centre for elders
Cultural activities
Fine arts classes
Interpretation and translation
Holiday projects and recreation
Representation and campaigning
Supplementary classes for refugee children